Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How About a To-Do for You?

How About a To-Do for You?

Why do we consistently put ourselves last? Why is it so hard to get at least one item on my to-do list about me, and only me?

A while back, I wrote about removing one item from your to-do list to simplify your life. If you took that advice, what would be the item that comes off? My guess is that it would be the one that didn’t apply to someone else in your life. So today I’m amending my advice from that article:

Add one item to your to-do list that is all about you.

Need some ideas? How about these “To-Do’s For You”?
  • Get a “do not disturb” sign for your bedroom or bathroom door
  • Take yourself out for lunch—eat at a new place, get yourself a picnic, or go for a 20-minute walk
  • Read the first chapter of that book you’ve been dying to get to.

And to make sure you don’t cross it off almost as soon as you write it down, add a comment to this post and state your commitment. Go on!'s mine, so you won't be the first:

I will spend at least 20 minutes before bed reading fiction or doing the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle.

Now you...what's your to-do for you?